Blue is for boys; pink is for girls. Err… who’s idea was this?!

Currently, the conversation around gender and gender stereotypes has gotten louder in the media. Little nudges to progress that discussion further such as Jaden Smith recently adorning a skirt to become the face of Louis Vuitton, challenged the status quo around gender in its entirety.

Advertising as a whole is now leaning (about time!) towards that the idea that the audience is equal and nothing should be aimed at a specific gender.

Ok, advertising certain products cannot be aimed at men, trying to make Always Ultra appealing to the male species is about as useful as a bag of spanners, but pushing the gender boundary to a level playing field is a much needed revolution for female empowerment.

Sports personalities such as Rhonda Rousey has removed the idea that certain ‘male orientated’ activities are gender specific, but the way she has dissociated herself from being a woman and being able to partake in such an aggressive sport shows the world that; man or woman… either one can take a beating!

The conversation around genders is now discussed as being equal. Their sex is irrelevant.

A woman should not be defined as a just female, but more of a component of a bigger, and more beautiful picture.

Gentlemen, its time to leave your Y chromosome at the door.

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