IT Support

Our team of IT Consultants are specially trained in maintaining and improving a wide variety of systems, such as Pro-Claim, Dynamics 365, SIMS, Maximise and more. Cleartwo’s range of support packages include regular check-ups, as well as on-site technician visits to address any issues.

Depending on your needs, the packages will cover scheduled visits, quick response teams in the case of urgent problems and more. You will be in safe hands with Cleartwo, as our team hold Microsoft and Apple certifications, as well as years of experience in the IT industry.

How Well Maintained is Your IT Infrastructure?

Without proper maintenance, your IT systems will fail or lose effectivity at some point. Cleartwo specialise in a range of pre-emptive maintenance plans for small to medium businesses who need reliable performance. We can also maintain network infrastructure for larger organisations, and offer impartial advice.

We Offer:

Computer Maintenance Plans:

Keep your computer desktops operating at peak performance to ensure your employees are working efficiently. Our computer maintenance plans will professionally maintain your systems for peace of mind. Our computer maintenance plans comprise of:

  • Antivirus software check-ups
  • Disk space utilisation
  • Defragmentation of hard drives
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Purging of temporary internet files
  • Software check-ups
  • Check log files
  • Install necessary updates and service packs
  • and much more

IT Support

Network Maintenance Plans:

Keep your network running smoothly with a network maintenance plan carried out by an experienced engineer. Our network maintenance plans are intended to eliminate networks which in the long run cost you money from poor performance and break-downs. Nip problems in the bud with expert help from Cleartwo!  Our network maintenance plans comprise of:

  • Maintaining switches
  • Maintaining hubs
  • Maintaining routers
  • Maintaining print servers
  • Maintaining printers
  • Maintaining firewall rules
  • Updating firewall operating system
  • Maintaining UPS’s
  • and much more

Server Maintenance Plans:

Servers are the heart of any network, no question about it. Keep them running smoothly for you and your users with our server maintenance plans, which include:

  • Checking server log files
  • Applying service packs and updates
  • Maintaining hard disk space checking core file and folder permission
  • Maintaining complete security
  • Maintaining application functionality
  • Maintaining redundancy
  • Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades
  • Maintaining backups
  • and much more

It’s not always cost effective to have your own IT Support team working full-time, so we work to provide professional and affordable IT Consultants for all businesses, whatever their needs.

At Cleartwo, we offer computer and networking solutions for businesses of all sizes and sectors across the country. Our services include supplying, installing and maintaining hardware and software, but we can tailor a support plan for your specific needs.

Our specialist team of technicians have experience working with businesses in the legal, financial and recruitment sectors, so we understand the special needs you may have.

IT Support



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