VR – The Actual Reality


OK, lets not discuss what we’ve read, lets discuss what we know. Virtual Reality is a technological phenomenon that’s been trying to catch on for decades, for those of you that have lived long enough to remember the Pierce Brosnan VR orientated movie The Lawnmower Man, you will already know that it is a gimmick that we’ve been trying to shake off since the early 90’s.

30 years later, here we still are trying to transcend the complete immersion of pixels in its highest definition.

Constant innovation and ideas have kept this dream alive. The convergence of all our technological needs all being packed into a smart phone may be the driving force behind the VR gimmick rising to the surface yet again.

An example of why VR might be here to stay, is the simplicity of how combining the ever growing CPU power of our smart phones can take us into a completely constructed world, where your brain will be completely fooled into thinking your ‘actually there’.

We recently tried the Oculus Rift which, to surmise, completely ‘blew our minds’.

Spectacles being part of the dress code for a ‘techno-geek’, these were not needed, as the headset eye lenses will adjust and focus for you. Its all about perspective.

Samsung gave a flawless demo on the application of Netflix using Samsung Gear VR, which can only be described as a 120” screen in a 360-degree room complete with pictures on the wall, a staircase in the corner which leads to who knows where, and laminate flooring. And all powered from the Samsung S7.

A plug and play application, all the wires are taken out of the equation leaving you with just the headset and a pair of headphones. And for £80, who can say no?

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