Should News Publishers Go Mobile Only?


Its becoming quite evident that the written word is now becoming a dying art. The pen became the new quill and now the keyboard has become the new pen.

Initially, both print and online content to some extent, managed to work in perfect synergy with one another. Now, as mobile handsets get smarter, the transition from one medium to another seems rather messy when clutching onto the straws of digital relevance.

The catalyst being that Google will only display search results that are ‘mobile friendly’, publishers began to create long-term strategies that would keep them in ‘the game’ by allowing their content to show up neatly on both mobile and tablet screens.

The rapid decline in publications clearly shows that a digital presence attracts the advertisers. Revenue being the primary heartbeat, should the readership fall below a certain threshold, advertisers walk away.

Its an uncomfortable truth. It wasn’t so long ago that Yahoo was the dominant force, essentially controlling the traffic on the world wide web, and being hugely profitable. The paradigm shift, which used to happen gradually and over time, seem to be moving quickly and more regularly, reinforcing the term of what becomes ‘viral’.

It seems, embedding a cute sneezing panda video is the only way to keep your readership engaged.

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