17 March 2020

Here’s the Scoop on Rich Snippets in 2020

Whether you’re looking for the hottest rich snippet techniques, or just wondering ‘what exactly is a rich snippet anyway,’ this blog will teach you a thing or two about this hot technique.
3 March 2020

The Importance of Using Digital Marketing Strategically

When it comes to getting your business known, increasing awareness and boosting your sales, there are a lot of marketing techniques to choose from.
27 February 2020

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A CRM

In our previous blogs, we went into the benefits of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for a small business, but not the motivations for getting one. So, we compiled a list of aims that can be reached with the aid of an effective CRM system.
24 February 2020

What Do Viruses, Trojans, Worms and other Malware Actually Do?

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War While there’s plenty of talk about viruses, trojans […]
22 February 2020

How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Attacks on Your Business

Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) is a type of fraud where the victim is contacted by telephone, text message or email by someone pretending to be a legitimate […]
21 February 2020

Why You Should Get a CRM System

Small businesses make up some of the most unstable business sectors, as they face competition from new start-ups...
17 February 2020

The Rise of social media TV?

As Instagram invests in a new standalone video platform while YouTube integrates more social aspects, is the YouTube monopoly on online videos set to topple?
31 October 2019

10 Reasons You Should Use Digital Signage in Your Business

Adding a new dimension to your business’ presence, visibility and brand identity, digital signs allow you to broadcast products, offers and more across a wide variety of locations...
16 October 2019

Don’t Overlook the Visual Aspects of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (or SMM for short) is an extremely cost-effective way to increase brand recognition, website traffic and sales, provided it’s done well...
9 October 2019

Facebook is Developing a New Smart Screen, but Why Would You Want to Buy It?

Facebook reportedly approached Netflix, Amazon, Disney and other companies about including their streaming services on a new TV chat device. The as-yet-unannounced...
27 September 2019

Could Hidden Likes Kill Influencers?

Instagram considers hiding likes and view counts from users, trialling the feature in 7 countries.
20 September 2019

Instagram’s ‘Meme Purge’ Could Mean Trouble for Businesses

In late, July, Instagram cracked down on dozens of massive ‘meme’ pages, some with millions of followers, without warning...
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